Regalia BLRG20

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With an 18-inch throat space, the Crown Jewel III is the most popular size in longarm quilting machines and is ideal for quilters looking for more workspace and software. This feature-rich machine sews at an impressive 2,200 stitches per minute, while its built-in stitch regulator and Precision Stitch mode ensure smooth, precise stitching, even after hard stops and pauses.

The Crown Jewel III also includes a new quick-set tension that allows you to easily adjust upper thread tension and view your settings on the digital LCD readout. Additionally, its enhanced LED light ring better illuminates the needle area – where you need light most.

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Technical Features

• 18" wide workspace to right of needle x 8.25" high
• Stitch Control Features for perfectly balanced stitches
◦ o 1/4" Hopping foot holds down the fabric while the needle completes
the stitch
◦ o Needle bar stroke = 35.3mm
◦ o Hopping foot stroke/lift = 5mm
• Manual Stitch Mode allows manual operation of the machine at a
pre-selected needle speed
• Stitch Regulator is built-in and regulates your selected stitch length
from 4 to 18 stitches per inch
◦ o Precision Stitch regulated mode follows your lead and is best for
ruler work and tracing patterns
◦ o Cruise Stitch regulated mode allows the needle to immediately begin
stitching at the percent speed chosen
• Quick-Set Tension makes setting upper thread tensions and
remembering tension settings easier
• Automatic Needle Positioning:
◦ o Needle Up/Down
◦ o Full Stitch and Half Stitch - programs the needle to take a half stitch
or full stitch when the needle up/down button is pressed
• Basting options in both Cruise and Precision modes allow you to
baste layers every 1/2", 1", 2" or 4"
◦ o Walking Stitch for tie off stitches at the beginning and end of quilting
• Maximum sewing speed of 2,200 spm
◦ o Save your preferred speed settings with three customizable presets
• Front and Back Handles for easy control and less fatigue
◦ o Provides control from 2 sides of the machine
◦ o Easy-to-reach rubber grips for comfort
• Large, color LCD Display shows:
◦ o Stitch Regulator and Manual modes
◦ o Multiple LED Lighting options
◦ o Memory settings
◦ o Needle speed
◦ o Alarm mode
◦ o Calculator
◦ o Timers
◦ o Program settings
◦ o Stitch counters
◦ o Diagnostics
◦ o Low bobbin estimator
• Handle Bar Control Buttons at your fingertips
◦ o Needle Up/Down
◦ o Start/Stop
◦ o Speed Up
◦ o Speed Down
• Front Power Switch for easy access
• Uses 134R system, slight ball point needle
• High-speed rotary hook
• "M" Class Bobbin
◦ o Low bobbin estimator warns you when you are running low on
bobbin thread
◦ o Store three bobbin thread capacity settings based on your
preferred thread
• External electric bobbin winder with variable speeds lets you wind
your own "M" bobbins with personally selected threads
• Laser light stylus for ease in following pantographs from front or back
of machine
• Two Timers
◦ o Reminder can be set to alarm after a period of time
◦ o Project timer tracks time spent on a quilt project
• Lighting
◦ o Integrated high intensity natural-color LED lights on front
handle bar (12 light clusters x 3LED/cluster =36 LED lights &
4 UV Lights x 3 LED/cluster =12 UV LED Lights)
◦ o Ability to add up to 8 more clusters
• Can use patterns, stencils, threads, 1/4" thick rulers and
templates that commercial quilters use
Additional Information

• 4 Languages (English, Spanish, French, German)
• Quiet/smooth operation
◦ o Solid cast aluminum construction
◦ o Internal DC motor
• Machine weight with handles - 68 lbs.
• Made in the U.S.A. of globally sourced parts
• Warranty: 10-year casting parts, 5-year parts, 5-year circuit
boards, 5-year electrical, 90-day labor
• Ask your Baby Lock Retailer about machine maintenance
Included Accessories

• Carriage with encoders for Pearl or 
Momentum Frame
• Electronic bobbin winder with variable speed
• Laser light and clamp
• Other Accessories:
◦ o 5 "M" size metal bobbins
◦ o Interchangeable Open Toe Hopping Foot
◦ o 2 packs of needles (size 16 and 18)
◦ o Thread mast and washers
◦ o Oiler
◦ o Wrenches and screwdrivers
◦ o Cleaning brush
◦ o Instruction manual
Optional Accessories

• Momentum Frame - Item #BLQM
• Momentum Frame 2-foot extension - Item #BLQM-EXT
• Momentum Frame Casters - Item #BLQM-CASTER
• Pearl Frame - Item #BLQF
• Pearl Frame 2-foot extension - Item #BLQF-EXT
• Pro-Stitcher Quilting Software - Item #BLPS3
• Quilter's Creative Touch Software - Item #BLCJ18-QCTS
• Quilter's Creative Touch & QuiltMotion Software Combo- Item
• Micro Handles - Item #BLJ18-MH
• Ruler Base - Item #BLJ18-RB
• Horizontal Spool Pin - Item # BLJ18-HS
• Cluster Light - Item #BLJ18-L
• UV LED Lights -Item #BLJ18-UVL
• Love of Sewing Membership - Item #BLCJ-LOSM
• Baby Lock Leader Cloths - Item #BLQL
• Grace Start Right Cloth Leaders - Item #GFCL & GFCL-12
• Adapter & Stylus Holder - Item #BLJ18-SA
• Stylus - Item #BLJ18-ST
• Channel Lock - Item #BLJ18-CL
• Bobbins - Item #BLJ-BOB
• Needles:
◦ o Size 12 - Item #134FG-80
◦ o Size 14 - Item #134FG-90
◦ o Size 16 - Item #134FG-100
◦ o Size 18 - Item #134FG-110
◦ o Size 20 - Item #134FG-125