Triumph BLETS8

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We invite you to come visit us at Phil’s Sewing Machines. You can personally test sew this machine and see for yourself what makes it so special!

The new RevolutionAir threading on the Baby Lock Triumph conquers threading a serger in a way you never thought possible.  With a push of a button the needle threads are whisked through the eye of the needles with a breeze of air.  Press another button and the loopers are threaded in a blink of an eye.  Less set up time means less stress and more time to enjoy your sewing passion!

triumph-blets8ae-1.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-2.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-3.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-4.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-6.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-7.jpgtriumph-blets8ae-8.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-9.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-10.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-11.jpg

 triumph-blets8ae-12.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-13.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-14.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-15.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-16.jpg    triumph-blets8ae-17.jpg    triumph-blets8ae-18.jpg  triumph-blets8ae-19.jpg   triumph-blets8ae-accessories.jpg