Bobbin Work Part 1 - Virtual Sew Club

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Bobbin Work Part 1 - Virtual Sew Club

This video features bobbin work using machine fed stitches to give the look of hand stitching.  Then we switch it up and do a little free motion to add a little texture.  We hope this will inspire you!

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  1. Phil’s Sewing Virtual Club - Private Facebook
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Items shown or mentioned in the video:

altair-front.jpegBaby Lock Altair     

ra-sale-floss2.jpgSuper Poly Floss 250yd


bl-bwa-.jpegBaby Lock Specialty Bobbin Work Case

820808096-creative-bobbin-case-1.jpgPfaff creative Bobbin Case (J)            

820602096-creative-bobbin-case-1.jpgPfaff creative Bobbin Case

821137096-l.jpgPfaff creative Bobbin Case (L)

bp1307.pngLint Brush Double End 5 3/4" long

mva3.pngMicro Vacuum Attachment Kit

457-02.jpgSticky Fabri Solvy Printable Sheets 12ct 8-1/2in x 11in

fx7blk-2.jpgFrixion Erasable Gel Pen 1ct Black

bldy-bgf.jpegBaby Lock Border Guide Foot

821082096.jpgPfaff Multi-line Decorative Foot

1765e-2.jpgDMC Embroidery Needles Size 3/9

565200-a.jpgFray Lock 2oz Hang Bottle 

kkbpss.jpgPerfect Scissors Karen Kay Buckley 4 inch Small Green

blmpd.jpegMultipurpose Screwdriver

7243xs.pngMachingers Gloves

38216.jpgThe Cutting Edge 18" x 24" Cutting Mat

rty2dx.jpg45 mm Deluxe Ergonomic Rotary Cutter


Items not shown but helpful:


Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 6-1/2in x 24-1/2in



Superior Clear MonoPoly Thread 2200yd


We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Sew Club video. If you would like to help support the production of this video please consider becoming a Virtual Sew Club Patron for this month’s club with voluntary club fee of $5.00.


Thank you again for watching and supporting Phil’s Sewing!

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