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FontWorks Demo - Virtual Sew Club

 Welcome to Phil’s Sewing Virtual Club.  We would like to welcome our new team member, Cindy.  She will be the instructor for today’s Sew Club presentation.  

Cindy will be demonstrating some of the features of the Font Works software.  Those of you who own Font Works will learn some new tips for getting the most from it.  If you have considered a purchase, Cindy's presentation will help you see how Font Works can work for you.  Font Works has been discontinued, but we still have a few left and are offering them at 50% off.  This offer is limited to our stock on hand.  If you would like to purchase Font Works or any of the items shown, please call (636) 432-2146 today!

Now two ways to view the video.

    1.  Phil’s Sewing Virtual Club - Private Facebook
    2.  On this page- Scroll Down - (IT'S AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE)

Items shown or mentioned in the video:

solaris-cc.png  Baby Lock Solaris

fontworks-box.jpeg FontWorks

buddypillow-oatmeal.pngEmbroider Buddy Pillow - Oatmeal

snaphoopmonster.png Snap Hoop Monster - Solaris

01-005275.pngGingher 6in Knife Edge Applique Scissor

s551-12.pngSulky Sticky + Stabilizer - White

hbff-15.pngFuse & Fleece

Other helpful items:

712sp.jpgFamore Duckbill Applique Scissor 6in

712dsp.pngFamore Duckbill Applique Scissor 4-1/2in


We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Sew Club video. If you would like to help support the production of this video please consider becoming a Virtual Sew Club Patron for this month’s club with voluntary club fee of $5.00.
Thank you again for watching and supporting Phil’s Sewing!

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